New Year, New Style: How to spruce up your home exterior for 2014

home exterior for 2014

Are you interested in giving your home a brand new attitude? Old habits and past misadventures can be cleared away with new decorations for the New Year. Top quality furniture and home decoration designers have come together to present brilliant options for your home. Creating the perfect home environment starts from the outside. Different exterior supply companies have great options that focus on outdoor upgrades to create ambiance, style and charm using indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. Get ready to spice up your life for the New Year with helpful tips and hints to get your January started off on the right foot. 

home exterior for 2014What’s Trending Now 

Stylists and home-decoration designers from the hottest businesses are sharing their insights and they are focusing on the exterior home environment. 2014 is all about upgrading porches, balconies and front door spaces in order to create breathtaking ambiances to impress your guests. Recent home and garden shows have been showcasing what the best industry insiders have to offer in 2014. According to Today’s Patio, an outdoor furniture blog, the Dallas Home Show in August exhibited old and refurbished designs are taking precedence. Early twentieth-century lampposts and European ceramic from the 60’s have become more popular amongst vendors and designers around the country.

Whether you have a five story palatial mansion, or a 2-bedroom apartment, everyone is jumping on board the exterior decoration train and creating a cozy home ambiance. Beautiful summer nights can be spent on your patio or garden and illuminated by the calming glow of LED lights. Many great suppliers have a wide arrangement of options available. Contemporary and innovative designs are displayed, as well as vintage and antique models, utilizing the same energy conserving and environmentally sound benefits.

The Best First Impression

First impressions are everything. Have you ever walked to the front of someone’s home and immediately estimated their quality of life based on what you saw. Not many would enjoy admitting their superficial tendencies, but it is human nature. When entertaining at your home, your front door and outdoor living atmosphere play a key factor in creating first impressions. Small cues such as porch lighting, garden maintenance, and color selections all play into this first impression formation. Guests arriving at your home could be in for a shock or surprise upon arrival at your dinner party. By mixing and matching lamp styles for your home, showing the world your palace can be inexpensive and fabulous.

Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to highlight your outdoor decorating is to provide dazzling outdoor lighting. With new technology and modern designs such as solar lighting, low energy lighting, LED lighting, and security lighting your landscaping and exterior decorating can be highlighted in style. Choose to revamp your exterior utilizing the best trends available to ensure dazzling results.

Finding a supplier that can meet your needs in styles such as nautical, oriental, or tropical and can match a home or business fashion trends with quality pricing should be your first choice. Embellishing an exterior space has never been more fun with high quality and affordably priced items. Exterior lights provide better security for a home or office, by illuminating night paths and exit points to your property. These products are built to withstand weather and the test of time, providing value for years to come.

Homeowners and business developers are taking advantage of popular trends emerging in the market. Antique and retro styles are taking prominence, and giving new meaning to exterior outdoor lighting.


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