Painting Tips – How to Paint Clouds on a Ceiling?

Do you want to decorate the kids’ room? Painting clouds on the ceiling is a great idea. It will give a magical feel to the whole house. Just follow this interior painting guide.


Things You Need

  • Paint roller pans
  • Paint rollers with extension
  • Ladder
  • Drop cloths
  • Blue and white color
  • Sponge paintbrush
  • Cloud stencils

Steps to Follow

  • Cover Furniture

Either shift the furniture into another room or cover everything with the paint drop cloth. The cloth will protect the room belongings perfectly.

  • Clean Walls

Clean the walls. Remove dust and cobwebs. You need to have a clean slate to work on.

  • Use Blue

The next task is to paint the ceiling with a light sky blue color. To complete the look, you can paint the walls with blue as well, but with a bit darker shade. The use of satin blue is recommended because it will give the whole room a cool and shiny feel.

  • Creating Clouds

Take out the paint tray and pour the paint into it. Before painting, practice creating clouds. You can use cardboards or wood. Prop it against the wall and draw clouds over it. Notice the kind of pressure you need to put on the paintbrush.

Now, there are two ways to go about painting clouds on ceiling:

1.      Use Cloud Stencils

See the image below.


What the person has done here is to create a sample cloud and then cut out a shape of the cloud on to a plastic or acetate sheet. You can create multiple cloud sizes and create such stencils.

Once done, use these cut-out pieces to replicate the clouds throughout the ceiling. Just place the plastic or acetate sheet on the ceiling and paint it. Create them in variety sizes to make them look attractive.

2.      Freestyle Creation

The second way is more creative. Dip the sponge paintbrush into the color and draw clouds on the ceiling directly. Dab the extra paint on the sponge on a cardboard. This is necessary to avoid dumping a lot of color at one place.

Create variety of cloud shapes and fill the whole ceiling.

Points to remember:

  • The cloud center should have more paint and the edges should be lighter.
  • Create the clouds randomly and fill the whole ceiling but do not make clutter it.
  • You can either use the sponge paintbrush or a soft dry brush to smudge the edges.
  • If you notice any mistakes, use a fresh clean sponge, dip it into the base color and dab the mistakes.

After this is done, let it dry.

  • Decoration

Once the clouds have dried, you can decorate it with some glow-in-the-dark stars. They give the feel of a starry night and look really magical.

You could also hang model planets, model airplanes and stars from the ceiling. To complete the look, add a sky-themed or sky-blue colored ceiling fan as well.

…that’s it!

If you want a visual idea of how all this done, you can also refer to this YouTube video.


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