Prepare for summer sun with a playhouse

Summertime is often children’s favourite season for being outdoors and making the most of the good weather; prepare for the summer months ahead by investing in a playhouse for your garden that will keep the kids busy all season long.

Playhouses offer a range of benefits – keep reading for a guide to some of the reasons this sort of outbuilding will ensure your children have a summer to remember.

A place for play

Children delight in having dedicated places to play that are just for them, and a playhouse allows their imaginations to run wild. They might decide it’s their own little house, a shop, or perhaps a cafe, and will enjoy role-playing for hours in the setting. You can add to the fun by placing specific toys inside the playhouse, such as a little table and chairs, or by adding features like curtains at the windows so they can really take on their new roles!

A safe spot from the sun

The garden is a great place for play; from sports to make-believe games – children of all ages love having fun in the sun. As a parent, however, you might worry about the damage the sun and heat can cause during the warmest times of the year, and a playhouse offers shade from the glaring rays and a cooler atmosphere if you position it correctly.

Heat exhaustion can be particularly serious in children aged two and under, so it’s wise to limit their time in the sun. By investing in a playhouse, you’ll have the peace of mind that there’s somewhere shady where your children can play.

A haven for relaxation

In a busy family home, it can be hard to unwind, and your children might sometimes feel the same. A playhouse gives them a quiet spot for thought and relaxation, away from the noise and stress of domestic life but within a safe distance of the house.

Add some beanbags, a battery-powered lamp and some books to the playhouse and you could find it becomes a real sanctuary for the kids when they need a little time to themselves.

A transitional space

During their early years, your children might enjoy imaginative play in their summerhouse, but as they get older, their interest in childhood games is likely to wane. At this point, you might consider how to continue to get the most use from the playhouse.

You might want to leave it as a relaxation space for your kids, so they can venture into their own little sanctuary when they need thinking space, while an alternative is to turn the playhouse into an area that your offspring can use to complete their homework or study for exams. A desk and chair, along with a set of bookshelves, could be useful additions to the playhouse at this stage.

An educational area

In the same vein, there are various fun yet educational uses for a playhouse aside from using it as a study room. You might consider setting up a telescope so your children can learn more about the night sky, or turning the space into a potting shed so they can find out more about self-sufficiency.

If your kids enjoy music, the playhouse could become the ideal place for them to practice their instruments (and provide some distance between you and the noise!), while you might want to use it as a family area for bonding over board games, cards and chess. to pick out the perfect playhouse for your offspring.


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