Really Common Myths You Should Know About Carpet Cleaning

It is really important that you understand the importance of regular carpet cleaning. This is the only way in which you can keep your carpet looking great and avoid various health problems that appear. Although you might think differently, carpet cleaning is something that should be handled by professionals because most people from around the world do not actually have the necessary knowledge about this subject. In order to help you understand why this is the case, here are some myths that most people from around the world think are true.

CleaningNew Carpets Do Not Have To Be Cleaned

Most carpet owners clean their carpets when the dirt is visible. There is also this common belief that new carpets do not even need to be cleaned for around 2 years. That is definitely not the case. When the dirt already shows on the surface, most of the fibers of the carpet are damaged. You might end up having to replace your carpet instead of cleaning it when that is what you see.

Machines Can Replace Professional Carpet Cleaners

You can rent carpet cleaning machines or just buy one for long term use in an attempt to save money on professional services but do you actually know how to sue that machine? Also, when you use a substandard machine that is not appropriate according to the carpet type that you have, you will be faced with many problems. It should be added that most of the cleaning machines you buy through TV ads or from the internet will pump a lot of water inside the carpet but will not be able to suck it out. You thus end up with a carpet that is highly susceptible to the development of mildew and mold.

Professionals Just Use Generic Cleaning Products

We have no idea where this myth came from since the reality is so much different than what people think. If you click here and you hire Fresh Up Cleaning, you can be sure that the products they use are professional, not generic. There is no self respecting specialist in this industry that will use generic products. In fact, all of them recommend that you never use those and that you spend a little more on professional cleaning products.

Steam Cleaning Is Inferior To Dry Cleaning

The reason behind this myth is the perception that steam cleaning will leave your carpet damp at the end of the process. That is definitely not the case. Dry cleaning will always make the carpet look great but it will not offer deep cleaning. This means that embedded dirt is not actually removed. In addition, dry cleaning cannot kill mites and other microscopic organisms that may be latched to the dirt. When you use hot water extraction techniques, dirt is sucked out while the hot water will clean the carpet properly. Also, when using a proper procedure, 85% of the water will be eliminated.

The myths that we mentioned are just some that are quite common. We could mention others. However, what needs to be understood is that you have to be sure that you consider the professional cleaners, at least once in a while. They will get the job done better than you and will never make mistakes as they do not believe the myths.


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