Reinventing Your Kitchen


The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. It is where we share food with friends and family, and share in conversation. Renovating this space to meet all of your needs and those of the ones you love can present a lot of challenges, but there are always options depending on your tastes and budget. Regardless of what you’ve read about sprucing up this area, kitchen renovations do not necessarily have to involve costly renovations.

KitchenStarting Small: Opening Space in Your Kitchen

The first thing to consider is what your needs and personal tastes require. If you tend to have many guests over at a time, you may want to consider enlarging your prep area or kitchen island space. If you’re not prone to have guests or have a small family, you can turn a kitchen adjacent to a living area into a breakfast bar. Often times when we are dissatisfied with our kitchen area it is due to clutter rather than a need for redecorating or new appliances.

If mail clutters a corner of your kitchen counter you can buy a decorative box for keeping unsightly mail out of sight. Consider your appliances, too. Are you using your toaster, blender, waffle maker or some other appliance sparingly? You should consider packing it in a nearby cabinet. If pots and pans are cluttering your cabinets, you can get a hanging pot rack to hang above your kitchen island or counter.

It’s these small changes that not only make your kitchen more welcoming, but opens space for cooking and guests.

Going Big: What’s Your Budget?

Considering a big project? Consider how much money you want to set aside for your kitchen do over. Sure you may need new appliances, but it isn’t absolutely necessary to get a professional stove or a top of the line refrigerator. Be realistic in your needs so you can set more money aside for smaller projects.

New countertops and cabinets can have an enormous impact on the beauty of your kitchen without eating your budget. Because of the variability of materials and finishes, new cabinets can be very affordable. If you’re considering investing in your countertops, granite, quartz or wood countertops are classy additions that can boost the resale value of your home. Find what works for you and consider how any long-term investments can impact your home.

Simplicity or Complexity

Simplicity is often a great option when it comes to renovating your kitchen because it will allow you to keep costs down as well as make the renovation time shorter.  If however, you decide to go with a more complex design your budget will need to be a bit larger to take into account all the details such as molding, decorative accents and custom cabinets.

Be sure that your kitchen matches the rest of your home.  Choosing an overly complex design while the rest of your home is more down to earth will make the rest of the house look out of place.

Letting in the Light

Windows are always a great option for kitchens because they let in warm natural light and can be opened when you are cooking so the smells do not permeate the house.  The natural light can make any kitchen more inviting however it is also important to consider lighting for night time.

It is important to choose the right type of lighting based on the wood and color scheme of your kitchen as well.  Fluorescent bulbs in a light colored kitchen can make it look modern but may also look terrible in a darker themed kitchen.  Yellow or non-fluorescent bulbs in a very light colored kitchen can make it look dingy and old.

It’s important to pick the right design so your kitchen is compatible with the rest of your home. You must also consider the purpose and needs you have for your kitchen.  Think about how much storage space you need and how much counter space is necessary.  It is always important to think about your budget and shop around for high quality affordable kitchen cabinets, counters, and appliances.


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