Revamping your home for 2014

1) Get Rid of Clutter

Over the years, we all collect things that we get used to seeing around the house. After sometime however, we can become so used to seeing these items in our house that we don’t even notice their existence! Try going through your home and spotting these objects- whether they’re nick-nacks you picked up from past vacations, or that old vase that you bought at a garage sale. When you come across these items ask yourself a few questions starting with, 1. Is this item contributing positively to the decor of this room? 2. Is this a sentimental item that brings me and my family joy to look at? 3. Do I need it? If you answer no to one or most of these questions, consider donating or selling this item to get it out of your home. Clutter is the number one way to kill the good design of any room. home for 2014

2) Focus on Lighting
Lighting is another element that can truly make or break a room. If your only source of light is a floor lamp or overhead light that spreads light evenly throughout the room, try mixing it up by adding other table lamps or spot lights to draw attention to particular areas of the room and help create more of a mood. The color of the light can also drastically change the feeling of a room. Think about how you feel in the florescent lights of your office compared to a dim lit dinner at a nice restaurant. Decide how you would like each room in your house to feel and function and choose appropriate lighting to meet the tone you’re looking for.

3) Choose accent colors

You may have already chosen some particular accent colors for your room, but how long have they been those colors? If you haven’t chosen any particular accent colors- it is definitely a must to help define a space and give a room some character. Start by choosing two colors that you feel help define the room and incorporating these colors through things like throw pillows or blankets, carpets, curtains, or art on the wall. This is a great time to use your creativity. Just remember not to overdo it, and focus on the word “accent” by being selective with which colors you use where.

4) Open up spaces

Eliminating clutter will help open up your space and make your room appear larger. Another great way to create the illusion of a larger and cleaner space is to choose furniture that does not appear bulky. For example, clear glass tables help to give the illusion of a more spacious room. This is because a clear piece of furniture does not create hard lines that cut off your visibility of the space behind the table. Glass allows you to see through the table to the space around and below it, also creating the illusion that there is less furniture, and thus, less clutter in the room 

5) Replace old items
Out with the old and in with 2014. This is another area that we can become so used to seeing and using old objects in our house that we begin to lose sight of how dingy the object actually is. Start with large items that could make a drastic change to your home like blinds and curtains or your living room furniture. A new couch or a new set of shutters may be a large investment, but this one change can dramatically revamp your home!

Start with these 5 simple steps and you’re sure to have a home that’s revamped and feeling fresh! Change can be hard, but your hard work and results may give you the new start you need for 2014.

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