Review of 5 different whacky bird box designs

In almost every year that goes by the number of birds that visit our gardens diminishes. Modern farming methods and increasing urbanisation has been making it progressively more difficult for birds to survive, and species such as sparrows that were once so populous are now but rare visitors to our gardens. We can all do our bit to help by installing a bird box in our gardens, and for an extra bit of fun here is a section of some of the most whacky bird box designs we have come across.

Jackpot City Outdoor Casino Bird House

The JackpotCity Outdoor Casino Bird House is certainly whacky. Constructed mainly from wood with a few plastic trimmings it looks like a classic casino roadhouse from the Wild West. The question is will your garden birds find it appealing? While some birds will be attracted by its bright colours, some other bird species might shun it, however it should brighten up your garden and will make an interesting talking point. It can be hung from a tree or you can mount it in a stand.

The Ceramic Cupcake Birdhouse

Do birds have sweet beaks? If they do then they are likely to make a bee line for these whacky cupcake bird houses. Made of ceramic they will never rot, and they have a rubber plug in the bottom so that they can be easily cleaned out. They are each styled on a cup cake and you can choose from a variety of alternative toppings such as strawberry fudge icing, chocolate and vanilla.

Victorian Manor Bird House

With a number of roof sections built out of pine shingles this totally charming bird house design will look at home in any garden and provides an ideal nesting box for a large variety of birds. It is easy to clean though a hole in the back and is both practical and charming.

Birdhouse Creative Vlaemsch

The Birdhouse Creative Vlaemsch is a bird box made for apartment dwellers who want to help their feathered friends. Essentially it is a stylish birdhouse on a pole, which you simply attach to your windowsill. It is a wonderful whacky solution.

Big Brother Birdhouse

Designed to resemble a CCTV camera the Big Brother Birdhouse won’t only provide a nesting box for a wide variety of bird species, it is also a deterrent against intruders; that’s as whacky as it comes.

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