Safe Living Tips for Single Women

When it comes to living alone, there is much for a single woman to enjoy. Many single women love the sense of freedom, independence and even strength that they derive from being on their own. However, single women also must take steps to play it safe while at home. Whether you live in a single family home, an apartment or a condo, you can follow a few key tips to deter crime and prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

safe living or women

Get a Security Alarm
First and foremost, you should contact a home security company such as Pittsburgh LifeShield, to inquire about the installation of an alarm. Some alarms today have special features like motion sensors, video surveillance and even panic button features that can silently call police in the event of a hostage situation. You can learn more about the features available in a Pittsburgh home security system to determine which options may benefit you.

Always Lock the Doors
Whether you are just stepping outside to chat with a neighbor, you are putting the groceries away after coming back from the store or anything else, you want to always lock the door to your home. Intruders can break in whether you are in the home or not, so always make sure doors as well as windows are securely locked.

Stay Vigilant
When you live in the same area for a little while, you will begin to notice the same cars in your neighborhood or community parking lot. You may even become aware of when your neighbors normally leave for work and who their normal visitors are. By staying vigilant to your surroundings, you can be alert to the possibility of others watching you or staking out your home. In addition, you should make an effort to prevent others from monitoring your actions when possible. Avoid posting status updates on social media sites about where you are or will be going. Instead, use these sites to post where you have been. In addition, keep your curtains closed whether you are at home or not.

You may love everything about being a single woman. However, along with your ability to enjoy a free and independent live that is lived according to your own terms, you do need to take a few steps to stay safe. These steps can help you to prevent criminal activity in your home, such as home invasions, burglaries and more. Take time to determine what actions you can take to implement these tips in your life today.

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