Safe Use And Safe Construction: Three Features That Will Make For A Safe Playset

playsetIf you are planning to install a swing set in your backyard, there are a lot of safety features that are available that will help you keep your children safe.  With the right combination of structural safety features and custom safety designs, you will add some extra security to the swing set that will give you peace of mind when your children use the playset.  The installation of these safety features are best done during the customization and construction process, so that you can ensure that the safety features are integrated into the playset effectively.  During the design, keep these three safety features in mind.

Rubber Mulch

Safety begins with the way that your playset will sit in the yard.  Children will tend to roughhouse around the swing set, and they can sustain injuries from that kind of rough play.  The best way to protect the children from injury is to give them a soft place to land when they fall down.  Rubber mulch adds a layer of safety to the playset because it is able to absorb the shock of a sharp impact.  Rubber mats can be used in conjunction with rubber mulch to add even more absorption at the end of a slide so children’s knees and ankles are protected from impact.


Another place where you will need to have some additional safety features is the ladder that the children will use to get to the higher levels of the playset and get access to the slide.  Children who are young do not always have the strength and coordination to climb an outdoor ladder on their own.  They will need some extra help to make sure they can climb the ladder safely.  There are two ways to make the ladder safe for children.  First, you can put rubber strips on the steps that provide resistance to slippage.  This is the same safety feature that is seen on industrial and construction ladders to prevent accidents.  Second, you can have handrails installed so the children will have something to hold on to as they climb.  It will help the children maintain their balance and help them stay stable.


Finally, and most importantly, the materials that you use will determine how safe the structure is.  A metal swing set might be cheap and easy to install, but those swing sets are also very susceptible to the elements.  Metal will rust, and that can weaken the structure of the playset, and a weak playset might collapse at the most inopportune time.  Wood is a safer material, but it can still suffer from damage when it is exposed to sun and moisture.  Over time the damage is compounded, and it is irreversible once the damage has started.  Wood can also splinter and injure children while they play on the set.  Vinyl covered wood is the best construction material for outdoor playsets.  It is a strong material that can support a lot of weight and you will not have to worry about it being damaged by sun or water.  Vinyl is also extremely smooth, and it will never splinter and cause injuries to children when they play.

When you are in the market for a swing set, you want to choose features that will make the swing set as safe as possible for your children.  The best time to have safety features added to the design is when you are customizing the set.

I am Melanie Collins, and I am a landscape design artist.  I help families design a yard that expresses the personality of the family, and for families with children, that often means the installation of swing sets.  Many times parents expressed concerns that backyard playsets were not safe enough for their children, so I wrote this article to talk about the many safety features that are available to parents.  For my customers I recommend the playsets from because of the exceptional quality and the level of customization that they offer.


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