Shale Gas Technology


The shale gas technology or the extraction technique of natural gas has touched the sky height in its popularity as an excellent substitute for the petroleum-based fuels used in supplying energy which are the prime most requisites in transportation, industries and many units requiring for electric utilities. This technology of extracting natural gas found trapped in the deep impermeable compact rocks; helps greatly in the natural gas availability for the growing mass. One can actually say the Shale gas technology has come up as a boom in the biorhythm of natural gas availability in today’s world.

Natural gas being cheaper and much abundantly available as compared to the petroleum-based transportation fuels, the importance of this growing technology of extracting shale gas is increasing day by day. One of the greatest benefactions from the shale gas being its environment-friendly nature; which has actually made the natural gas production technology come up as one of the crucial technologies in many countries, including United States , U.K and China.

The Pros and Cons of Shale gas:

Natural or Shale gas is extensively preferred by many countries as they are readily available, cheaper and comparatively environment friendly than the alternative petroleum fuels. Their clean burning or reduced level of ozone forming emission makes them known as clean burning gases and thus regarded a boon to the environment. However, there are some minor cons of shale gas, the prime most cons being its nonrenewable nature.

The Shale gas production technique: Methods of making an attempt for the natural gas availability

The Shale gas technology involves commonly two much known methods, namely Horizontal drilling and Hydraulic fracturing.

Horizontal drilling: A vertical well or reservoir is needed for tapping the natural gas sources which are trapped in the deep impermeable rocks in an atypical geological portion. And this vertical well is to be drilled horizontally so that enough of shale gas sources or the source rock pay zone gets exposed for the extraction of abundant quantity of gas.

Hydraulic fracturing: The immediate next step in the shale gas technology is hydraulic fracturing, where fractures are created and the available shale gas come out free to circulate into the well from the source rocks. A high pressure mixture of water, sand and bactericides addictive are injected into the rocks so as to create the fractures. The pressurized water opens the cracks for the natural gas availability. Into these cracks, the sand moves to keep them on hold in an opened state and bactericides are addicted so as to prevent the well from any bacterial contamination.

Shale gas technology as a boon in the circuition of natural gas availability and varied energy sources:

The up-gradation in the production technique of shale gas since past few years has increased the natural gas availability for domestic purposes and significant fall in their prices. This combined beneficial effect of the shale gas technology has further paved the way for considering natural gas as an energy source in transportation and electricity generation.

The reduced price developed by the abundant natural gas availability has attracted many producer to grow the production of NGLs in a surpass amount. Thus Shale gas extraction technique has also broadened the supply of propane and various other natural gas liquids.

Hurdles in the path of Shale gas technology that makes it a question for its future popularity.

Though shale gas and the production technology have been into limelight in today’s’ world; yet there are some developing hurdles seen in this shale gas technology due to some controversies on the environmental impact of shale gas. Now there have been questions arising on the production technology because of the restricted production of shale gas in large scale due to the underlying environmental challenges caused from them.

However as of now; beyond every drawback the natural gas production in the United States of America is estimated to be 40% higher in next 20 years as compared to the current amount of production. So, it can be rightly said that crossing every hurdle, shale gas technology will manage to remain as the greatest boon in the biorhythm of natural gas availability.

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