Solar shades and Privacy

A window blind is a kind of a covering for windows which uses a varied assortment of control systems. A regular window blind is constructed of many large vertical and horizontal slats made of different types of hard materials, including plastic, metal or wood which are then held together with cords which run though the blind’s slats.

The window blinds can be moved with either a remote control or manually by having them rotate from an open position, with the slats being spaced out, to a closing position where the slats are kept overlapped and end up blocking out the majority of the light.

Also available are a lot of different kinds of coverings for widows, which are classed shades, and that use a single piece of a soft material in the place of slats. The term of window blinds may also be used in describing the window coverings in general, I.e. roller blinds, shutters. Cellular shades, wooded blinds, standard horizontal and vertical blinds and also roman blinds.


Though the blinds have been most widely preferred and have been loved for blocking of heat without having to block the view you get through the windows, one of the major considerations that people are having is that these do not really meet the ends of providing a full level of privacy. During the time of the day, they do help in providing privacy because it happens to be bright on the outside and dark on the inside.

However, what happens in the night is that the entire scenario reverses. If the inside of the house has more of the light in the house and the outside is dark, this leads to the inside of the house becoming more visible compared to the day time.  The window is converted into a see through and thus the insides of the house become fully visible from the outside.

This is the reason why the solar shades are generally added as an additional second lining with the regular curtains so that they can provide you with privacy at all times, or they are used in the rooms where the night time privacy is not a huge concern.

So, these curtains may be kept fully open during the time of the day and the solar shades can be brought down. Conversely, during the time of the night, the solar window roller shades may be rolled up which the curtains may be kept closed. This is how you can maintain your privacy, both during the day and at night times.

On the whole, the advantages you get out of solar shades are definitely a lot more widespread when you look at the disadvantages. There are a lot of very innovative treatments for windows that provide you with a large variety of solutions like saving energy, blocking heat and controlling the ambience.

So, you can choose the best solar shades at Select blinds Canada to help you block heat from your home and get to enjoy all of these and more advantages.

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