Some advantages of living in the suburbs

Montreal is great. We have the chance to evolve in of the UNESCO design capital in which you’ll find many festivals, museums, interesting activities, unique boutiques, cute cafes and renowned restaurants. Most importantly, Montreal stands out from other big cities because of its genuine and kind population. Even though people are great, sometimes living directly in the city isn’t adapted to every lifestyle. If you have a car, kids and/or a dog.  If you want privacy, intimacy, a big yard, etc. Living in a big city isn’t always the best option for you.

Many City options

Living in the country side isn’t necessarily a better option either if you want to benefit from the many advantages offered by the city. The suburban area could be the solution. The suburbs includes many cities who could be a great option for your special needs and desires. You can surely check for a house or an apartment in the classical Longueil, Brossard or Laval, but you can look for condos for sale in Dorval and still be pretty close to the city with better prices and more options, because it’s not as obvious.

A big place even on a budget

By living outside the city, you’ll have more options for a small budget. You’ll be able to find a great house with a courtyard in a quiet neighborhood for the price of an apartment in a sketchy neighborhood in the city. Because even if a majority of people is nice and kind, some are still sketchy and their areas might be the only thing you can afford.

Car traffic

Moving out of town could also help with car traffic. You may still have to face it to work in the city, but if you want to go grocery shopping or drive your kids to school, you may like the advantages of less busy roads. This argument is clearly one of the strongest and the main reason for many people to live outside the city.

Perfect for the family

If you have kids or plan on starting a family, you’ll want them to be able to easily make friends. You also want your children to be able to play outside with their friends in a park or in your courtyard. Suburbs are way more adapted than the city for your kid. They offer more space to play, the friends they’ll make at school will most certainly live nearby and you’ll still be at a reasonable distance from the activities they’ll want to do in the city.

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