Take Control Of Your Roofing Project: Three Areas That You Should Monitor

RoofingWhen you hire a contractor to do work at your home, it is tempting to step back and let the contractor do all of the work without any kind of supervision.  Sometimes you will get lucky, and the work will be done the way that you want it, without any input from you, but more than likely something will be done that you will not like.  As a homeowner it is important that you stay engaged in the roofing process and that you communicate with the contractor on a regular basis so that your wishes are handled the way that you want them.  There are three areas that are extremely important for you to keep an eye on.

The Site

One thing that you need to monitor is the way that the site looks.  You want to make sure that the workers are taking care to respect your property and your things, and the best way to do so is to look over the way the site looks.  Are the workers putting all of the old shingles directly into a trash bin?  Are they leaving tools and materials lying around the yard?  Is the trash being carried away from the site on a regular basis?  Workers and contractors who do not pay attention to keeping a clean site will only leave you with problems that you will have to deal with at a later date.  Nails and staples that are left over can cause injuries to bare feet in the yard, and that is not a liability that you want later on.  If you have concerns about the way that site clean up is being handled, speak with the contractor and let him know.

The Pace

Another thing that you will need to monitor is the pace of the work that is being done.  Having a new roof put on can take several days and you will be inconvenienced during that entire process, so you want the work to be finished in a timely manner.  Before the project started, your contractor should have given you a timetable for when the work would be done.  As the work continues, you want to check in and make sure that everything is still on schedule.  If there are delays, you will want to ask for an amended timetable and make sure that you are still comfortable with the estimated time of completion.

The Work

Finally, as the homeowner you should feel confident in examining the work as it is being done to your home.  Take some time and walk the site with your contractor and ask questions when you have them, and make sure that you are satisfied with the answers.  Look over the work that has been done and see if you have any problems with the craftsmanship.  This is not a time to become overly aggressive with your contractor, but you should feel free to voice concerns that you might have with the way things have been done.  If there are obvious problems, you and the contractor need to come up with a solution that will get the work done the way that you want it done.  At the end of the day, you are the homeowner, and you will have to live with the work when it is finished, so you need to be happy with the work.

Communication is key to any construction or remodeling project, and you need to stay in contact with your contractor while the work is being done.  The more you communicate during the project, the less likely it is that you will have problems when the work is completed.  By taking an active role in the project, you will save time and money in the long run.

I am Samantha Collins, and I wrote this article to talk about what I learned during my last home exterior remodel.  The roofers that I used at first were not respecting my time or my property, so I had to hire a new contractor.  Ultimately I found Abel And Son (www.abelandson.com) and they provided exemplary work and an excellent attitude.  I highly recommend Abel and Son for any home remodeling project.


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