The Perfect Garden for Summer Parties

Summer is slowly creeping in here in the UK; who knows whether we will get a long glorious heat wave, or whether our summer will leave us with the occasional spot of sunshine between many windy cold days. Half the fun of the British summer is not knowing what’s coming next, but we still persevere and host our barbeques and garden parties rain or shine! If we didn’t take the chance in summer, then there will be no chance at all throughout the year.

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So now that Spring is just about over, and we have a short spell of dry weather, it’s time to get your garden into shape ready for the guests. The perfect garden for parties involves many elements, but the most essential is of course the patio area; this is where people will congregate, especially if the grass is damp, and it’s where you’ll be keeping your barbeque. Patios also provide the perfect space for your table and chairs – search around garden centres for some wicker style garden furniture, as this tends to be the most comfortable, especially if you get some hard-wearing cushions. When choosing stone for your patio pick something with a smooth finish or a hint of colour, as this will brighten up your garden even when the sun isn’t out.

A lawn is essential to any party garden too; it’s where the kids will play and it will keep them out of the way and entertained whilst the grown-ups relax on the patio. A large lawn space is great for running around on, but a small lawn can be just as good as you can set the kids up there with their own picnic or a small play tent there.

No garden is complete without some flowers, but they can be a pain to maintain; instead you might like to try some patio containers. You can get some really stylish patio containers in brass or terracotta, and fill them with colourful but low maintenance plants such as pansies and other bedding plants. You can then also add some solar lights to your garden; you might want to place these in your patio containers too so they can light up your entertainment area.

We also recommend getting some outdoor string lights; these are perfect for lighting up trees, shrubbery and even the inside of marquees and gazebos. They come in a range of colours and styles, and some look like roses or butterflies; these lights will make your garden look very romantic. If your party goes on in to the night then it’s all about the lighting. Get some Moroccan glass lanterns and plenty of tea lights to light up your garden!

Now you’ve got the scene set, all you need for the perfect garden party is plenty of good food and good friends.

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