The Return of the Carpet: Are You Ready for It?

While you’ll hear house listings boasting, “new, hardwood floors”, no one admits to having carpets, like they are something to hide or be ashamed of. While they do require special upkeep to remain in their pristine condition, carpets can create warm, welcoming and beautiful spaces within your home and business. They can become one of the defining features and best attributes of your home or office if done well.

Here are a few reasons that carpets will never completely disappear from the interior design world:

  1. They are cozy

While you can always throw down a rug if you have wooden or laminate flooring, it doesn’t create the same effect as a beautifully selected carpet. It makes the space cozier as your feet will never get cold, and the sound will be muffled and less echo-y than in a room with flooring. While the carpet in the kitchen or bathroom is most likely a bad idea, places like bedrooms or family rooms can benefit from the “hygge” feeling that carpet brings.

  1. Carpet Keeps Evolving

Today’s selection of carpet is different than what it was in the 80’s. Not only is it more advanced in terms of coatings, textures, etc., which increase the longevity of your carpet and how clean it stays, but even the colours and effects have been updated to something other than that rough, utilitarian business or that green hook carpet your aunt Sally had in her living room. Next time you’re near a carpet specialist, walk in and prepare to be shocked by the beautiful options available to you. Just like an interestingly tiled flour can be the statement piece in a room, a gorgeous carpet might be what you need to tie the space together and make it a favourite hang out spot.

  1. Vacuums Have Improved

With the arrival of easy-to-use cordless vacuums with great effectiveness comes the ability  to keep carpets clean without dragging heavy machinery. The problem with carpets before was that they trapped a lot of dust and dirt that was difficult to get out, and those heavy vacuums were equally difficult to grab out of closets or whatever place they were stored in. Now vacuuming is as easy (or even easier) than sweeping floors.

  1. Upkeep is Simple

Like mentioned above, regular vacuuming is essential for a clean carpet, however, you don’t have to worry about mopping like you would with wooden or laminate floors. That also entails looking for special “wood safe” products, wondering whether your tools are “too wet” or a whole range of additional considerations. Instead, just call a professional in carpet cleaning in Montreal once to twice a year and they will use the best technology and products available to clean and deodorize your carpets. They even offer an anti-stain or protector treatment that will make your carpets more resilient to stains and discolouration.

  1. Affordable

While carpets range in price according to materials, length, features and more, in general the average price of putting down carpets is less than putting down hardwood floors. They are also easier to pull up if you want to change them after a while. You can create a more luxurious feel, while keeping within the budget if you decide to install carpets in some of your rooms.

It’s true that the current trends lean towards taking out carpets and replacing them with hardwood floors, especially in homes where members might have allergies or be sensitive to dust. But in cases when you can allow yourself to indulge in the luxury of carpeted floor, you should embrace the cozy feel that it gives along with the fun character.


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