The Special Smallest Room in the House

When it comes to designing a new home there is a tendency to pay little attention to the bathroom. There is so much potential even if you only allocate a small area. A cynic would say that if you make it too comfortable it will be even more difficult to get in when all the family are competing in the morning. With a little planning you can have the best of both worlds. Get a really nice bathroom and make sure you are first up in the morning. If you have the space of course you can plan for an en-suite and reduce the demand too.


Think space

If your architect has done the floor layout, you will know the floor area that you have so it is then a matter of shopping around for fittings and deciding upon colours and materials. One thing that has become increasingly popular is using travertine; you can use it both for walls and floor to produce a really natural look. Each tile will have a unique pattern in ‘earth’ colours and because travertine cuts so cleanly you will get perfect 90 degree angles so that you need little grout between the tiles.

It is excellent for your walls as well. If you want real colour in your bathroom you can achieve that with curtains or blinds. You then just need the fittings. There are luxury showers that you can buy these days that you can find out about if you click here.


Once you have found a company specialising in bathrooms you can see the possibilities, especially those luxury showers which will include ones with jets that can be directed at all parts of the body to provide a similar sensation to a spa pool.

A shower reduces the need for space but you must still think about your storage needs for towels and toiletries. There are plenty of things for you to look at from cabinets to mirrors with shelving an alternative to cabinets above the sink. Suddenly, designing the bathroom becomes fun. There is a simple tip worth remembering. Mirrors can be used to give the impression of more space than you really have. Light colours give the feeling of space and it certainly does no harm having a door that opens towards you from outside.

A large bathroom

If you have an en-suite but then a larger bathroom for the house as a whole you may decide that a bath would be nice with toilet and perhaps bidet. Some of the principles that apply to a bathroom with limited space still apply. Travertine is excellent and provides that feeling of luxury and there is nothing to stop you having another shower if space permits.

Showers can leave you invigorated or re-energised after a hard day. There is far more to the bathroom than you think and as you are planning your new home you should pause and consider that.


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