The Top Benefits of Sky Tunnels for Any Abode

When we walk into a place filled with natural light, we instantly feel better and more relaxed – even more so if it’s our own domain. A few years ago, when I had already been living in Paignton for a while, my wife and I decided to install a light tunnel for our hallway. That hallway was the only part of my home that I wasn’t entirely happy with, since it was so dim and gloomy. But with that light tunnel, the hallway was transformed at once into a bright interior space that gave my home the extra boost it needed to be my “perfect” abode.


If you have a dark hallway, you have the same option. This is also true for bathrooms and other dark interior rooms and spaces that can benefit from a facelift. With a sky tunnel, you get instant sunlight with hardly any effort.


Skylights and sky tunnels: Which one to choose?


You also have the option to have a skylight installed. However, note that skylight installation can take more effort and time, and it is a bit more expensive as well. Nowadays, for those of us who are looking for a less costly and easier alternative, sky tunnels are a better choice.


Bask in natural light and save on your energy bills


When you have a sky tunnel in your home, you can immediately feel the effects. A room or hallway will be transformed into a sunnier, brighter area, which will improve your mood and allow you to benefit from the effects of sunlight (Vitamin D, anyone?). In addition to this, a sky tunnel is designed to provide you with natural daylight, so you do not have to rely too much on artificial lighting in that specific space any longer. In fact, when you compare a sky tunnel to a regular incandescent light bulb, the sky tunnel produces light which is much the same as a 461-watt light bulb. Even if the day is cloudy, a small 10-inch sky tunnel would be able to provide at least the equivalent of 100 watts of light. So the only time you would really have to turn on the lights in your bathroom, hallway, or any other room with a sky tunnel is at night.


A range of choices


You also have different choices depending on the room where you are planning to have your sky tunnel installed. You have the option of selecting either rigid or flexible tubes. For my own home in Paignton, I decided to opt for flexible tubes, as they are highly recommended for residential use. You can also choose to have different diameters for your light tunnel; there are usually three choices for this as well, again depending on the size of your space.


Easy installation


Light tunnels are also quite easy to install. Good sky tunnels come with easy-fit attachments, which allow you to install them in as little as two hours.


I could honestly say that installing a light tunnel in Paignton made me the talk of the town. In fact, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. So, if you would like to instantly transform your home and make it the bright, airy domain it’s meant to be, then a light tunnel is your best choice.



Image attributed to: arztsamui

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