The Ultimate University Dorm Guide

So, the time has finally arrived and you’ve gone off to university. So, it’s all party, party, party, right? Well, at this stage, it probably is, but the hard work is certainly about to begin. If you’ve ‘flown the nest’ then you’ll probably be looking forward to some of the best times of your life. It is true that university will be the best part of your life but, when things go wrong, they can also be very difficult and strenuous times.

Avoid the Trashed Dorm Look

All those late night parties at pre-drink sessions in your dorm will take their toll. Remember, you’ve paid a deposit for your dorm and, at the end of the year when money’s tight, you’ll need it back. Due to this, among the parties and late night library sessions, you’ll have to make sure it stays clean and tidy. You should consider buying some DIY tools for dorm maintenance, especially the little things. This small outlay (if you all chip in together) could save you losing your deposit.

Make Sure Your Friends Understand your Clustered Deadlines

For some reason, universities seem obsessed with clustering their deadlines. Despite the fact that each tutor has a whole year to plan their assessment, you’ll almost definitely have at least two in the same week at some point. As you’d expect, this can be incredibly stressful and, it can drive you to the brink of insanity.

To avoid this, you have to plan in advance. You may feel ‘free and easy’ at the minute but the reality of the stresses of university life will soon dawn upon you so, be prepared. If you and your dorm mates do different courses, ensure that they understand that you’re busy. If you’re studying, they can go party elsewhere.

Make Your Room a Home from Home

University dorm rooms are often blank, mass produced shells. For this reason, it can be very difficult to fell at home there; particularly as everyone’s room looks the same.

Due to this, it is vital that you try and make your room as homely as possible. Family pictures and photos of you and your school friends are essential. Don’t just use bland, generic posters; make your room personal to you.


So, that’s our ultimate university dorm guide. Act on these hints and tips and you’ll limit your negative experiences at university, creating memories that will last a lifetime. After all, these are the best days of your life.

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