The Window to your Dreams

Glass allows you to use natural light to its best effect. While that may be of little benefit in the midst of winter when days are so short it can make the difference between a nice house and an outstanding house if a little thought and planning are put into it.  There is no doubt that window manufacturers have the materials and ingenuity to make to specification. If you find a good manufacturer then you should be able to get anything you want within reason.




Pick the plot

When you are thinking about building the house of your dreams the process begins with getting a plot of land that is big enough for your project. One of the considerations when buying that land is the potential it holds for getting the sun and how best your home can be positioned to enjoy the sunshine at different times of the day. It is nice to see the sun shine through the curtains in the morning for example.

You may want to know that your back garden will get the sun in the afternoon so that you can enjoy a BBQ in the garden with a glass of wine as the sun goes down. The better your use of glass the more light you will get into your home and that is where your ideas and those of your architect need to be met by a window fabricator that can make exactly what you want.

Quality double glazing

There are so many types of window that you can use. Large double glazed windows will not compromise the warmth you will be able to create in your house. The modern window is of a quality that makes draughts a thing of the past.

On the ground floor you may decide that you want large windows that have Yale locks within the frame that enhance the security of the house. With patio doors out into the garden you can get plenty of light into the living areas. If you have a traditional layout with the bedrooms on the first floor you can make the most of your location by using windows to give views of the surrounding area from a height. While some people like the views from on high over a busy city others will look to have a location in the countryside which provides both scenery and some peace and quiet.



Sierra has had many challenges over its history in windows and can provide exactly what is needed to help the completion of a new build project. You may decide to do some research yourself to give you some ideas. There has never been a better place to get written and visual help than the Internet. You can get ideas and see what your architect comes up with independently before making some decisions and approaching a supplier. If its prices and delivery time suit your plans then one of the main elements that will make your home so special will have been taken care of and you can look at other parts of the project.



Image attributed to Sira Anamwong



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