Three Ways to Clean Up Your Wooden Deck

Your wooden deck is outside, and with its location comes many things that can make it look dingy over time. For one, rainwater, dirt, and debris from trees can get on your deck. Over time, the dirt and debris can work its way into the grain of the wood, causing it to look discolored and dirty. But you can get your deck looking newer and lasting longer if you take the time to clean it. There are several methods that you can use to clean a stained deck, and here are a few of the steps that you can use.



One of the easiest ways that you can clean a deck is by using a power washer, but you have to be careful about the nozzle and setting that you use. When you powerwash a deck, you’ll be using the force of the water to loosen dirt. While this method requires very little physical exertion, you need to be careful that you choose a nozzle that has a wide enough spray. You also need to keep the blade of water moving. One danger of using a power washer to clean your deck is that if you’re not careful, you can cut into the wood with the blade of water. To lessen the chance of cutting into the wood, make sure that you check your setting on an inconspicuous part of the deck.



This method is more labor intensive, but it’s also safer. To do this, you’ll need a stiff-bristle brush, a bucket of soapy water, and a broom. Start by sweeping any loose debris off of the deck. Then, make a bucket of soapy water. Liquid dish soap will work well. Dip the bristles in the bucket of soapy water, then start scrubbing. You’ll see dirty water pool up as you continue to scrub. You’ll then need to let it dry, and it might take a few times to get all of the dirt off of the boards. You also might need to use a toothbrush in hard-to-reach corners.



While this isn’t an absolutely necessary step every year, if you plan on staining, doing it right after you’ve scrubbed the deck clean is the time to do it. Once the deck is both clean and dry, choose your stain and start applying. If you don’t want to do any of these steps yourself, you can also hire a company like Renew Crew of Lincoln to do it for you.


Decks are great additions to homes, and you can keep your deck looking newer for longer by cleaning it and applying a stain once every couple of years. You can’t completely protect your deck from the elements, but you can clean off the dirt to keep it looking fresh and attractive.

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