Tightening Up Physical Security Around The Home

There are hundreds of ways to tighten your home security but one of the key factors to consider is the physical barriers which protect your home such as doors and windows. This article discusses the importance of and gives advice on physical home security.

Effective home security must protect an entire property. A single weakness such as a faulty window lock can leave an entire house susceptible to burglary. Studies also show that burglars target homes and property that look dishevelled and easy to break into. For example if a shed door is left unlocked in the garden an opportunistic thief might take the chance to look into it. Even if there was nothing there, this acts as an invitation to look into other potential weaknesses around the home as they have already taken the initial risk factor of entering the garden. A property that looks tightly secured is far less vulnerable than a property where opportunities are apparent. There are many ways in which you can tighten the physical security of your home, decreasing the risk of burglary.

Protecting The Garage:
Believe it or not, the garage is often a heavily targeted area within a home. One of the reasons for this is because the garage is visible from the street. Professional thieves who scope out houses will often have a good idea of what people on what street keep in their garage and the security protecting it. Steel garage and roller doors are effective preventions and very difficult to break into. However, faulty garage doors are often neglected by homeowners and are a prize for any potential thief. Always make sure your garage door is secure and make sure roller shutter repairs are carried out regularly on roller doors. It is also important to make sure that any internal entrances to the garage are locked preventing internal access to the garage.

The Front And Back Doors
The front door is the main portal into the house and is the favourite target for any burglar. Remember that a burglar does not like to enter through a broken window. It is often messy and loud. The front and back doors should lock securely with a dead lock on the front door and top locks on the back door. Latch locks can be accessed by burglars and are easy to break through, therefore it is important to make sure that a large amount of force will be unable to break through the front door.

Secure windows are essential for a safe home. Double-glazing is effective not only to make your home more secure, but also to make it more difficult for burglars to break into. If you live in a particularly vulnerable area, shutters and window alarms may be necessary. Make sure to carry out regular roller shutter repairs on shutter windows and window locks.

Daniel Fowler has been providing advice about home security for over fifteen years. He regularly writes articles on burglary trends and issues and risks facing modern home and commercial property owners for a range of newspapers, magazines and online media. Daniel uses Phoenix Door Services as his go to company for advice about secure products and door and window repairs.

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