Time for an Intensive Spring Clean?

Although it may not feel like it, spring is approaching and very soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the winter blues by turning down the heating and opening the windows. Spring is synonymous with a fresh start and what better time to prepare than with a ‘Spring Clean’?


This is the ideal time of year to dust away the cobwebs, de-clutter and clean your home from top to bottom. It can also be the perfect time to give your health and lifestyle a spring clean. According to The Telegraph, Canadian researchers found that there is less serotonin (the brain chemical associated with improving our mood) circulating in the brain during autumn and winter. Seasonal, decreased serotonin levels are linked to decreased mood and increased lethargy. Below is a list of useful tips to carry out an intensive spring clean:

Clean from top to bottom – Start from the top of a room, working your way down from the ceiling, walls, shelves and furniture surfaces before moving on to the skirting boards, carpets and flooring. Give your carpets a deep clean by hiring a carpet cleaner or calling in a professional to do the work for you. Do not leave a room unturned, even the garage. Use cleaning chemicals and latex gloves from www.broschdirect.co.uk

Take time out – Schedule in a few days, or a weekend, for a big clean and make a list of the things you want to achieve. Plan ahead and tackle each area one step at a time.

De-clutter – Throw away or donate to charity anything that you no longer want or need and fix items that are broken. Clear out your fridge and kitchen cupboards of anything that has been sitting at the back for far too long, and if you’re looking to start a new health regime, clear out any junk food. Keep any items you do want under control with well-labelled boxes.

Change your routineSay goodbye to your old daily routine and mix it up by introducing new challenges. Join a new fitness class or commit to learning a new skill. Even the smaller changes, like changing what you eat for breakfast or taking a different route to work, can change your mood.

Re-organise your wardrobe – Make the transition from winter to spring wardrobe. Store the winter warmers away ready for next year and replace with spring/summer clothing. Keep some of your knitwear within easy reach as the spring climate can still be cool.

Re-assess your diet – Spring is an ideal time of year to re-assess your diet. Do you eat too much junk food? Drink too much alcohol? Eating more fruit and vegetables, drinking more water and introducing more protein into your diet can really help to increase your energy levels. Start taking vitamins too; according to News Medical, Vitamin D is vital for making our muscles work efficiently and boosting energy levels.

Treat yourself – Why not spruce up the decor in your home by planning a makeover? Whether you want to add new colours to the bedroom, re-fit the stair carpets or transform your living room into a luxury retreat, there’s no better time than the beginning of spring.


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