Tips for Caring for your Teak Outdoor Furniture

Although expensive, teak outdoor furniture is a dream come true that can literally transform your outdoor space into a luxurious abode. The good news is teak furniture is easy and less time consuming to maintain. However, if left unmaintained, teak furniture tends to turn silvery ash gray from a warm golden brown. A little bit of cleaning can help maintain the original hue of teak furniture. Here is how you can clean and maintain your teak outdoor furniture easily.

Teak Outdoor FurnitureTo clean the teak furniture, use a mild mixture of soap and water with a soft brush to remove dirt. Now, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry. If there are grease stains on the furniture, you will have to use a commercial grade cleaner to remove them. Look at your manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the commercial grade cleaner. You may buy it online, from an outdoor furniture store or from your manufacturer. Also keep in mind that the commercial grade cleaner you use can affect the tone and hue of the teak outdoor furniture. If you like the aged silvery ash tone, the cleaner can restore it to the original warm brown. To avoid that, you may seal the furniture with a clear finish to prevent it from getting grease stains.

To prevent your teak furniture in Melbourne from aging and acquiring that silvery gray tone, use a sealant to seal the furniture when you first purchase it and apply oil from time to time. You should also make sure your furniture doesn’t rot because of wet weather and moisture. Although teak is not vulnerable to moisture, it wouldn’t hurt to prevent it from excessive moisture. Just make sure you don’t let water pool over the seat or around the legs. If there is a pool of water around the furniture, move it around. This will prevent rotting and increase the lifespan of your furniture.


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