Tips for improving your house on a budget as a Landlord

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As a Landlord, it is your responsibility to check over the homes you lease and make sure they are of a good enough standard for your tenants to live in. If you haven’t got a tenant in your property yet and you’re looking to attract one, it’s important to think of ways to approve the appearance and standard of your property to make it appealing to potential tenants.

Think about your renovation

Re-decorating your home between every tenant can be costly and time-consuming, particularly if you are open to tenants who prefer short-term contracts. You may struggle to convince a tenant to rent your property if you conduct viewings whilst it’s being decorated, so the quicker you can complete your renovation, the quicker you’ll be able to pull a new tenant in. It’s therefore a good idea to start decorating as soon as possible – ideally while the previous tenant is still in the property. To save all the hard work at the end of a tenant’s lease, it’s an even better idea to conduct regular inspections of the property during the tenant’s lease and fix up any problems or decorating flaws as and when they occur. Keeping on top of your property will also give you more leverage if you need to request payment from a tenant for damage caused by them.

Use tiles

Many landlords choose to install laminate floorings in their property, for the simple reason that it’s cheap, relatively durable, and easy to clean. It won’t stain as easily as carpet either or lose its lustre, meaning you’ll be able to go for longer without having to replace it. Laminate is a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, but it’s not a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens – despite this, many landlords are choosing to install it in such places. The problem with laminate floorings and bathrooms is that laminate flooring doesn’t react well to water. One of the reasons people opt for laminate flooring is because stills can be easily mopped up, but if water is left to settle on the floor, it will soak into the laminate and cause the flooring to bow, dip or pop out of place. A better choice for decorating your bathroom floor is tile; tiles are a bathroom staple, and a great alternative to other types of flooring. Tiles are hard, durable, and won’t be easily damaged.

Cheap bathroom fittings are a no-go

Cheap, poor quality bathroom fittings are not a good idea. Old-fashioned, poor quality, acrylic bath cladding is commonly found in Landlord’s houses because it’s cheap, easy to fit, and white generally goes with everything. The problem though is that it isn’t sturdy, is easily damaged, and just looks unappealing. Not buying cheap bathroom furniture doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune kitting out your bathroom, though; you can buy plenty of modern and up-to-date bathroom furniture online at sites such as For many tenants, the rooms they are most interested in the look of are the kitchen and the bathroom, so make sure bathroom is up to standard. Research what’s in fashion and try to emulate it. Don’t make it too modern that you have to go mad on the upkeep, though!


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