Tips for Renovating your Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture

There are a variety of ways to renovate bathroom furniture without having to purchase brand new items. Some options are available by shopping for ideas and materials. In some cases, the existing furniture has great bones and just needs a little freshening up to look brand new and fresh again. Extensions and additions to existing furniture is an option as well.

Bathroom FurnitureChange Cabinet Fronts

This is one of the easiest renovations to perform when it comes to bathroom furniture. When the basic structure of the cabinets is very strong and serves the right purpose, simply changing out the fronts, or doors, of the cabinet furniture can make all the difference. These are able to be stained or painted to match the existing furniture as well.

Change Drawer Hardware

If you are just trying to change the way the furniture looks, consider changing the hardware on the outside of the furniture along with the new cabinet fronts, stain color or paint. This may seem like a small change but it can make a big difference and make the entire space look brand new. The addition of a few accessories to match the new hardware will tie in the entire theme.

Paint or Stain the Existing Furniture

If you are satisfied with the overall functionality of the bathroom furniture in your home, simply strip and stain or paint what is already there. It will make the entire room look like you spent thousands on all new furniture. The type of paint or stain pattern used can change the entire look of the space quite easily. This would also allow for additional storage options to be brought in that were not originally part of the furniture that can also be stained or painted to match.

Add Additional Furniture on Top or Extend Existing Furniture

If the furniture in the bathroom is rather short, consider expanding upward. If you are unable to find matching furniture for the existing cabinetry, consider having the additional items built and customised for your family’s needs. In some cases, this may just be an additional shelf or two. Adding in items such as a hidden laundry hamper or toilet paper storage tower that is hidden keep the bathroom organised.

Another option is to extend furniture that is already in place. By adding on an additional set of cupboards or drawers, it makes the room look more complete. This could be something like including a tall, thin cabinet for hanging robes while showering or a medicine cabinet within the wall for medications and first aid items. Extending what is already in place is another simple renovation idea.

With the options listed above, you should be able to easily renovate the bathroom furniture in your home to make it more functional and brand new looking. It does not have to be a complete tear down and start from scratch project. Consider renovating the existing items before starting with a clean slate. It is also often less costly to renovate than it is to tear down and install an entire new bathroom furniture system.


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