Tips for your home to make it look larger

The right furnishings can transform any home. Selecting the perfect pieces and accents can make a small, cozy home feel spacious and palatial. By incorporating a few elements, you can make your small home appear larger giving the illusion of a wide-open oasis.




Buy Multitasking Furniture

Instead of having an ottoman, coffee table and storage shelves, get an ottoman that opens up and provides storage. Use the ottoman as a coffee table, making it do triple duty. There are many well-designed pieces of contemporary furniture that will allow you to create the illusion of more space and double as storage pieces.

Lighten Up the Room

Lighter colors make a room look more airy and more open. Go for light paint colors like pastels, light gray and soft pinks. While darker colored furniture is often highly sought after, lighter colored furniture will make even the smallest room appear large. Find sofas in white and cream, blond wood accents and soft paint colors.

Magnify Your Space

Windows and mirrors go a long way in making your space appear open and large. Placing a mirror directly opposite your doorway makes it appear far away, giving the illusion of depth. Natural sunlight will also trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it actually is. Keep windows open or use sheer curtains to take advantage of natural light.

Go Big

While most people think that small furniture will automatically make a small room look larger, one large room accent is actually more effective than a room full of tiny furniture. Choose from a large bookshelf in one corner, a tall vase or a side buffet. By having one large piece, it will make the other furniture appear smaller and the entire room appear larger.

Get Colorful

Going for a single color scheme will go a long way in creating a larger visual space. Go for a blue theme, painting the walls in light blue and accenting with navy and royal furniture. Arrange accent pieces according to color to create clean lines that make your space look like a wide grid. You can learn more about using furniture to create space by visiting a design expert at your local furniture store.

Making the best of your small space is a matter of creating an illusion of a larger home. By selecting the right furniture, you can transform your small space into an open retreat simply and easily.

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