Tips on Ventilations for you home

During winter many homes have heaters which heats the air to make people comfortable inside, they must also install good exhausts above the roofs to pull out humidity. Kitchens will have the worst pollution of air and dust , hence they must install more than one exhausts in the kitchen to pull out the air immediately. Recent survey shows that about 80% houses who have good ventilation systems are found healthier than others and also the quality of their home is excellent .Bad ventilation system damages your health and also your house. I personally recommend to install ventilation systems in your houses if you haven’t yet got them.


All  homes need good  air to pass in and out  – in fact, the “tighter” the house, the greater the need. There must be a good air circulation in homes to stay healthy and also to keep the environment healthy. Your house also decides your health. Air is necessary to you and also to your home. In addition to normal  ventilation by doors, windows and skylights, your home should also have both spot ventilation , dilution ventilation systems. Spot ventilation systems are exhaust systems located in bathrooms and kitchens where there is a source of air pollution. Fans should be properly vented to push out all the unwanted stench , air outside for it to get recycled .Good ventilation system reduces moist  and also avoids fungus to your house hold things.

Dilution ventilation systems are another type of systems which  draw outside air into home through while exhausting air outside. This exchange of air controls moisture and other air contaminations at home. Dilution systems are bit costlier than spot ventilation. It is used in almost every industry and smart homes which makes the house greener. Sometime there are outside pollutions which come into our house and suffocate us ,there must be efficient systems to recycle the air and give out fresh oxygen. Chinese have developed a technology which recycles air inside house and then re pumps the air inside and then exhausts are sent outside.

Ventilation systems must also be maintained and check for faults by a good engineer , also regular checks should be made to ensure that ventilation system is pushing out the bad air outside than pulling it in .Companies like zicom,homeserve etc are experts in providing coverage to home issues. HomeServe USA Facebook page has many fans around 23k+ and they are happy as their home issues are fixed in a jiffy.

If you have a commercial working space which produces lots of smokes and other gases then you must install a good and efficient ventilation system. There are many famous smoke control systems like Rocburn  Smoke Control Systems , zicom smoke control systems etc.


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