Top 5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Shower this Autumn

Top 5 Accessories to Spruce Up Your Shower this Autumn

As the weather starts to become colder and the mornings start to become darker, everyone can appreciate the rejuvenating or relaxing qualities that their shower offers them. But for those who feel their shower enclosure is a little out of date, here are some fantastic accessory ideas from; the bathroom experts.

Shower Cubby Holes – these are a fantastic idea for anyone who has a tiled wall within their shower enclosure or area. Hollowing out a section behind a tile and then using it as a small drawer within the shower is a great way to add an interested quirk to any cubicle; it can be used to hold anything from flannels to shower gels, and if you have enough time on your hands, you can hollow out one for each resident of the house to store their personal beauty and hygiene products rather than a traditional shower caddy.

Chromatic Shower Heads – if the bright autumnal colours outside are just not enough for you, you can turn your morning shower into a vibrant and colourful experience with a chromatic rainbow shower head. These showerheads use small LED lights to blast bright colours into your shower stream, with every colour of the rainbow available. These nifty gadgets are sure to brighten up any morning!

Musical Shower Head – Like to sing along to your favourite songs as you shower? Musical showerheads are now available that function just like an in-shower radio. The Bluetooth-powered accessory carries no risks of shocks or electrocution, and is easy to use for all those music lovers who want to rock out in their shower enclosure before they head to the office or out on the school run.

Fogless Shower Mirrors – If you, like much of the nation, find that you are on a tight schedule in the mornings as you pack the children off to school and attempt to make your morning commute on time, fogless shower mirrors are a handy shower accessory which can help speed up the process. Carry out important tasks such as shaving your face or plucking eyebrows while you shower, cutting your daily routine in half and ensuring you will never be late for the morning meeting again.

Waterproof Smartphone Holders – Like to check your social networks in the morning? Need to reply to an urgent email or arrange a different pick-up time for your children’s extra-curricular activity? Perhaps you are simply enjoying an evening shower and want to catch a video on YouTube or catch up on the day’s news. A waterproof smartphone holder is the perfect shower accessory for autumn; it hangs from the shower wall and keeps the phone entirely protected, whilst still enabling the user to browse the internet, sign into Facebook and watch videos as they shower.

Investing in any and all of these five accessories will surely brighten up any shower cubicle for the whole season of autumn into the colder winter. Those looking for a way to have fun in their shower again should look no further than these handy and exciting gadgets.


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