Tricks to a Successful House Move

There’s no magic wand that will help moving home be stress free. It’s a hectic time, there’s so much to organise and often emotions come into play, saying goodbye to an old home and settling into another one can be a difficult process. However, there is a great trick you can use that will help your move to run as smoothly as possible, it’ simple too, forward planning.



Counting Down to the Big Day


Begin planning six weeks before the move, this is when you need to confirm the moving date and let your landlord know you’re moving if you’re renting. Have a look over your house insurance and check that you’ll be fully covered from the day you move into your new home. This is also the time to start organising how you’re going to move, will you use a removal firm or are you going to hire a van and do it yourself? Decide now, if you are going to take care of the removals yourself you’re going to have more to sort out.  Self-movers will need to ask friends and family to help out, and giving them fair warning is only fair and it will help you to work out numbers.


Start Shopping


Six weeks before the move is when you want to begin shopping.  Begin looking for new pieces of furniture and your new flooring. Once you make your choices arrange them to be delivered or collected for when you move in or as soon as you’re given the keys if you’re not moving in immediately.


Two Weeks Before the Move


A fortnight before the move is when you can start packing all the things you don’t use on a daily basis. Don’t try and achieve this in one day, work on a room each evening and ask your children to take charge of the items in their room.


Then you have all the boring things to sort out, these things won’t take long but they will stress you out if you don’t deal with them head on. These jobs include:


  • De-registering from your doctor, optician and dentist – only necessary if you’re leaving the area
  • Go online or visit the post office to arrange your post to be re-directed to your new address
  • Stop any services and subscriptions to your current address such as the window cleaner, milkman, newspapers and magazines.
  • Inform all contacts of your new contact information
  • Call the removal firm to confirm dates and times
  • Go to the bank and give them your new address and make any chances to your standing orders or direct debits

Moving Day


Pack up your items so they will be protected during the move. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to protect the items inside the boxes and don’t pack heavy items with fragile ones. The boxes should be full and no breakable items should be close to the sides. It helps to make all the boxes with information about the contents and the room the contents belong in written out the outside.  Use Goods in Transit Direct to help transport the goods and the hectic day will be over in no time. With all the planning and forward thinking will ensure you’re really ready to go.


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