Valentine’s Day Flowers: Subtle Messages from the Heart

Valentines Day flowers are the epitome of romance. Always elegant, generally sweet smelling, delicate and colourful, nothing says “I love you” quite like a carefully selected bouquet of Mama Nature’s most beautiful blooms. While roses are the most obvious Valentines Day flowers, so many other options are available — it is simply a question of discovering what sort of message you wish to send.


The tradition of bestowing some carefully chosen Valentines Day flowers on a loved one has roots in the 3rd century. One brave Catholic priest is responsible for the world’s most timeless romantic gesture. While Emperor Claudius was intent on stamping out Christianity and quelling his soldiers’ hopes of marrying their beloved women, St Valentine was keeping both of these alive. Claudius believed that marriage would distract his soldiers during times where their attention should be focused on more militaristic endeavours. St Valentine, however, made it his mission to marry Christian couples in secret. His bravery and undoubted dedication to love, unfortunately, led to his execution on the 14th of February.


On the day of St Valentine’s execution, the tradition of giving Valentines Day flowers was born. This romantic priest’s final act was to write a love letter to the jailor’s daughter and to leave her with a single, delicately beautiful rose. Now, over two millennia later, floral bouquets are still considered one of the most romantic gifts ever known.


In the Victorian era, the art of floriography was born. This has provided us with a means of conveying a well-planned, wordless message that is both subtle and elegant. Valentines Day flowers can be chosen in such a way that they carry any message from a simple “I adore you” to “You are my most treasured friend.” Floral gift giving is not necessarily reserved for romantic attachment. Instead, think of Valentines Day as an opportunity to tell the most treasured people in your life how much you value them.


Colour plays a huge role in the choosing of Valentines Day flowers. You may wish to opt for a bouquet that is perfectly suited to your loved one’s favouritecolour palette. On the other hand, you may wish to delve deeper into the symbolism of different colours. Red is quite obviously popular on the most romantic day of the year as it is meant to convey feelings of the deepest passion and desire. White, on the other hand, is a symbol of purity and honesty. Pink Valentines Day flowers are meant to symbolise true appreciation and gratitude. Orange and yellow are quite often reserved for one’s truest friends, while purple is the best colour for a new found love or even a little crush.


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