What are the Advantages of Retractable Awnings

Awnings offer many advantages for those homeowners who want to enjoy the outdoors on their own terms. These advantages are magnified when those awnings are retractable. In order to help you determine if motorized retractable awnings are the right choice for your home, we have outlined some of those advantages below.


Retractable awnings allow you to determine when to have sun and when to have shade. They enable you to bask in the sun as it warms up in the morning yet have a cool and shaded patio as the sun reaches its peak in the afternoon. Roll back the awning to enjoy unfettered views of the sunset or watch the twinkling of the stars.


While enjoying the temperate climate is one of the many advantages of living in southern California, there can be too much of a good thing. Retractable awnings provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the mild temperatures. Storing your outdoor equipment, such as your grill, lawn mower and the like, under your awning will increase their life span and protect them from the powerful rays of the sun.

What are the Advantages of Retractable Awnings

Ease of Use

Retractable awnings become even more convenient when they are motorized. Motorized awnings save you the trouble of doing the heavy lifting when you want to retract and extend your awning. In fact, using awnings that are motorized shaves minutes off the process of engaging your awnings. You can be sitting under the cooling shade of an awning in mere seconds rather than several minutes.


Adding a deck to a home is a popular home improvement project. Additionally, this type of project takes a significant amount out of your home improvement budget. With a motorized awning, though, you can have all the advantages of a deck that is covered at a fraction of the cost of having a deck constructed.


When the advantages of motorized awnings are compared to the advantages of other types of home improvement projects, you get more flexibility when choosing awnings. Unlike some other home improvement projects, such as a deck or a porch, you have the flexibility to decide when you want coverage from the sun and when you want to enjoy its warmth.


In order to maximize your enjoyment of retractable awnings, some models come with the option to purchase accessories. One such accessory is a panel that is able to be seen through that drops down from the front of the awning. This allows you to enjoy the setting sun in the afternoon without it getting in your eyes.

Colors Abound

Motorised Awnings can be customized in a range of different colors to provide you with the look you want for your home. This allows you to meld the color of the awning to your home’s color or provide a pleasing contrast between the awning and the color of your home.

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