What Were the Trendiest Trends for Apartments in 2013

2013 is drawing to a close, and the end of the year marks a new wave in interior design fashion. The latest hot styles for 2014 are slated to include everything from floral, ethnic colours and layered textiles. However, some of the trends that reigned this year are still going strong.

Here are some of 2013’s greatest design trends that are guaranteed to keep your home at the forefront of style for another year.

Antique brass



Brass has been finding its way throughout every space of the home, whether it be in the form of decorative vases in the living room or statement mirrors in the bathroom. This timeless and affordable material won’t be fading into the background anytime soon.

Interior designer Estee Stanley has said: “I think antique brass is making a comeback in structural elements, hardware and other embellishments.” If you’re hoping to add a bit of shine to your home then brass lamps, doorknobs and faucets are an easy and effective place to start.

Stripes and Geometrics


Floral was the trend of 2012, but design showrooms and fashion fanatics are now trading in their flowers for stripes. This simple pattern was sweeping its way into homes throughout the spring and summer of this year, with designers opting for it due to the sense of movement it creates.

Geometrics, with its sharp angles and diagonals, were also a big favourite this year. “We are seeing more angled shapes like triangles and trapezoids, as well as diagonals and zigzags,” said top Australian designer Greg Natale. “They’re not just on walls but ceilings too.”

True blue

true blue

Homeowners everywhere were picking up pots of paints this year, and coating their walls in the rich and deep shade of true blue. Featuring heavily across advertising sets and home décor catalogues, this was a mix of navy and royal blue with no green hints, and was “the punchiest, on-trend blue” according to designer Kyle Schuneman.

Next year will see much more emphasis on teal blue. This shade is fresh and versatile enough to be paired with almost any colour on the wheel, making it an effortless injection of style. Navy is also set to rise up as the new black in designer books.

Raw, weathered materials



More and more furniture this year has been in a distressed or weathered style. Raw materials, such as wood and stone are being showcased in their most natural, stripped-back form. This trend is set to continue well into 2014, with wood stumps, branches and sticks adding an extra flair to interiors across the globe.

One of the areas where these materials that has proved particularly popular is kitchen countertops. Kitchen designer Lance Stratton has found more clients wanting their kitchens to display a little wear and tear. “They ask for countertops that already come a bit weathered, ones that have that banged-up look,” he said.

Statement art


We all want to add our own tastes and personality to our living space. Although bold pieces, such as the shabby chic furniture available from Sylvester Oxford can help us achieve this, art pieces are the perfect solution. Whether it be a reprint of a classic masterpiece, a framed album cover image or a simple pop art canvas, these frames found their way onto the walls throughout 2013.

Art is also becoming more accessible, with prints, patterns and paintings being much easier to find and purchase. Designer Sara Story feels that this is what has helped them to leap into the limelight, saying: “Everyone will be focusing on art – it’ so much more approachable these days, with art fairs popping up everywhere.”


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