Why Meal Kits Are Becoming So Popular with Families

It seems like a “home-cooked meal” is a fundamental right in the North American family, yet with many households requiring dual income to function, who’s making the meal? Furthermore, who has the time and bandwidth to go plan meals, research recipes, shop for ingredients, and all those secondary cooking steps that people seem to forget about until they have to actually do them?

So why are people so hung up on that “home-cooked meal”? Well, with the levels of obesity we are experiencing in developed countries as well as dwindling quality of food available for take-out, preparing a meal yourself from scratch allows you to control what goes into your food, seeing it from its raw form as ingredients, all the way to the finished product that ends up on the plate. Cooking and eating healthy and conscious meals becomes even more important when someone in your family has food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances. You want to ensure that there is nothing harmful in the dishes you serve them!

A recent solution to this phenomenon has been the emergence of “meal kits”, services that send boxes with recipes and all the ingredients you will need to create them, all in the proportions that you require. Many supply local produce and can accommodate for all kinds of food sensitives and tastes, allowing families to enjoy their meal times again and feel good doing it.

The price point is usually a bit higher than what you would have if you were shopping and finding these recipes yourself, however, they are still flourishing. Why?

Save Time

Time is money, and it is in high demand. Especially in families where both parents work, and kids have extracurricular activities and interests of their own. Since you don’t need to spend extra time grocery shopping, researching recipes, and meal planning, you have more time to give those whom you care about.


You yourself get to see what the starting point is- fresh ingredients! Take-out and fast-food restaurants aren’t really known for their health-conscious agendas, and this way you can ensure that your family is eating the best that the earth has to offer!


On top of your family getting a sneak peak into how “real” food is made, the cook will also learn new recipes and techniques. The recipes included with the meal packages are usually straightforward and easy to follow, guiding you into new cuisines and dishes that you might have never attempted to cook before. If in the future, you want to recreate the meal using ingredients you picked up yourself, you totally can!

Reduce Waste

We don’t like admitting it, but all of us end up tossing items from our refrigerators or counters that have gone wrong before we had a chance to use them. From extra produce to an herb that you needed for just one of your meals this week, it’s common to toss those miscellaneous items. However, with that come discussions about the social, economic, and environmental effect of such actions. The nice thing about meal kits is that you select the number of portions you want, and the right amount of each ingredient shows up at your door!

So instead of driving yourself crazy trying to create home-made meals alone at home on top of everything else you’re doing, get your own meal kits in Montreal. It’s economical on your wallet and your time, much healthier than eating out, and will guide you and your family on how to create delicious, fresh meals without all the extra steps homemade cooking usually entails!


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