Why Should I Buy a Persian Carpet?

Your home is your own individual space for personal expression – the items you use to decorate your home say a lot about your style and how you live your life. The type of rugs and carpets you display in your home makes a statement, which is why you should consider Persian rugs for your living room, bedroom, study, or dining room. Why should Persian rugs be on your list if you are redecorating or buying new furnishings for your home? Here, we look at the features of Persian rugs and discuss why they make a good investment and also an attractive addition to your home.

A Persian Rug Has History

Today’s Persian rugs and carpets come from a long tradition. The rugs were originally made in Persia, which is now modern-day Iran. Over thousands of years, craftsmen constructed these carpets to traditional designs, passing down the techniques from generation to generation. Therefore, the Persian carpet today comes from a distinct region (Iran) and is constructed in a way that has been developed over centuries. Each Persian rug contains history within its weave and is not a mass-produced, soulless home-furnishing piece.

Persian Rugs Are Intricate and Beautiful

Each Persian rug is woven using a single-knot technique that makes these carpets unique. Each item is designed around a traditional set of motifs that are recognisable around the world, but there is still a great degree of variation within the design which makes these carpets interesting. Many carpets are made from silk; others are constructed from wool. Natural dyes are often used to give the carpet a distinctive colour palette. When you buy a Persian carpet, you are benefiting from highly skilled workmanship – these carpets are made with care.


Persian Rugs Are Collectors’ Items

Genuine Persian carpets do not only enhance the look of a room, but they can be purchased as an investment. The value of these carpets looks set to rise as they become rarer. The number of Persian rugs in existence will surely decrease over time. There are fewer carpets being constructed in modern Iran, because the younger generation is not tending to follow a career in carpet weaving. Thus, as the older generation passes on, the techniques and talent for carpet making die out. Many people see a Persian rug as a display piece, preferring to mount it on the wall as a piece of art rather than wear it down underfoot.

Persian Rugs Are Practical

Of course, you can choose to place your rug wherever you want, and the Persian rug is recognised for its durability and high quality, making it a good choice for a floor covering. You can find Persian rugs in different sizes and in different colour schemes, making them the perfect decoration for any interior. When buying a carpet, make sure you purchase from a vendor with experience and professionalism – you must make sure that the carpet is genuine and made from high-quality materials.

Image attributed to FreeDigitalPhotos.net Serge Bertasius Photography

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