Your Guide to Custom Bamboo Blinds

Custom bamboo blinds add a tropical, natural feel to your home with its earthy charm. Bamboo is an affordable, easy and attractive option whether you want to warm up a cool interior with the beauty of natural wood window treatments, or add a shady option to your sunroom. Here is your guide to choosing, using and maintaining custom bamboo blinds for your home.

Advantages of Bamboo Blinds

Custom bamboo blinds have many advantages and benefits. It is a completely renewable material and therefore, an environmentally friendly option for those who are conscious about conservation. Custom bamboo shades have been known to resist fading, warping, and deteriorating and are immune to weather conditions such as intense sun or moisture.

This makes bamboo a durable and long-lasting option.  Custom bamboo blinds are available in a wide range of choices to suit every style such as woven blinds, venetian blinds and matchstick blinds. Bamboo blinds make your home look stylish, natural, and classic and can even be matched to your home decor as they are available in many different colors. Custom bamboo blinds stop heat from entering your home during the summer and work well at keeping heat retained in your home in the winter, thereby offering an insulating effect.

Choosing Bamboo Blinds

There are 3 main types of bamboo blinds available in the market – Roman shades, that fold as the blind is raised, simple roll-up blinds that can be raised and lowered with the use of an exposed cord or custom bamboo blinds that are made-to-order as per your requirements. Choose the right kind based on which seems like a better fit for your home and make each window space consistent for a seamless look.

Maintaining Bamboo Blinds

Custom bamboo blinds are pretty low-maintenance and require very little attention, apart from an occasional cleaning. You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean your bamboo blinds. What works best is if you use a small handheld model or a floor model vacuum with a hose attachment. Try wiping the blinds clean with a cloth that has been dampened by plain water to get rid of sticky deposits or stubborn dust.

So if you take both your personal taste and the kind of decor your home needs into consideration, you should effortlessly be able to choose install and maintain custom bamboo blinds that will not only make your home look beautiful, but will last many years. These custom bamboo blinds will enhance your home in the most natural way, without having a major impact on the environment or your budget. So give your home a touch of natural beauty with custom bamboo blinds.



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